We Stood Upon Stars

One of the beautiful things about being human, is our perception of life and the lessons we learn from our experiences. We are vastly different, yet certain life events can inspire or compel us towards other paths. Only when we share with others can we gain a greater understanding of life. It is beautiful, messy, … More We Stood Upon Stars

Humble Roots

We all go through seasons in our life. There will be seasons of doubt, idleness, and prosperity. Yet, in each of these seasons there are lessons to be learned. These lessons will help us to grow and when shared with others, perhaps help them grow as well. In Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson she shares her experiences … More Humble Roots

Your Next 24 Hours

The basic concept behind  Your Next 24 Hours by Hal Donaldson, is that kindness can help make life better, for everyone. It seems that we can all be (or continue to be) kinder to others. One statistic that Donaldson points out that is eye-opening is a reason for our apparent lack of empathy. If a person thinks that … More Your Next 24 Hours