About Me



Hey there. I’m Brittany, but a lot of people simply call me Brit. I’m based in Southern California, but due to nomadic tendencies and periods of restlessness I have lived in 5 different states in the last few years. In three of those states I lived in National Parks.

Originally I started this blog as a continuation of another cooking blog I had. I decided to switch platforms and and started fresh here. Through a series of events and living in places with no real kitchen, I had to leave the recipe idea behind. The blog morphed into one where I shared creativity, from the poems I wrote to the photographs I took. And then it morphed again. This time into a blog for book reviews.

Those are three things I am deeply interested in: Food (Veganism), Creativity, and Books. Hopefully I can strike a nice balance sharing each of these things in the future. In addition to these, I enjoy coffee, traveling, and meeting new people. On occasion I will post on these experiences.





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