In All Things

There are many Bible studies out there of varying degrees of depth. In All Things by Melissa B Kruger is a nine week study on the book of Philippians. While I appreciate the concept, I am mixed on the approach. There are things I like and found helpful and other things which I did not care for. This is not a book that should be rushed through and it guides the reader along through the same passage over the course of a week with different outcomes for each day.

However, I find it a little banal when the questions basically ask me to rewrite exactly what the passage has already said. It adds little to one’s understanding or development to write down what is obvious. As the week goes on, the questions become deeper and give the reader a little more to think about and reflect on in relating the scripture to their own life.

I also appreciate Kruger’s narrative pieces and sharing to spark the reader’s attention and maybe to help them see how this relates to their own life experiences. And furthermore, I enjoy how other scripture outside of Philippians is used to enhance the understanding of the passage. This is a decent book for beginners.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion through the Baker Books Blogger Review Program.


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