God’s Wisdom for Women (Review)


God’s Wisdom for Women by Patricia Miller and Rachel Gorman is a type of topical reference guide made for women regarding Christian living. They cover over 50 topics, including life struggles (doubts, money, relationships), to more biblical aspects like knowing and understanding God.

Each topic is given limited attention and breaks the idea down into different categories. Often there will be a short paragraph or two giving an overview of the topic. This is followed by scriptures to help support or understand the topic. Sometimes these are helpful, however, other times it seems as though these scriptures were picked without a lot of reasoning other than they briefly mention the topic at hand, and then are done with. This causes the book to feel at times disjointed. Furthermore there are random quotes spread throughout each chapter in an almost aimless fashion.

The topics are also given sections for practical living which are ideas of things to do that will help you live out whatever the topic may be. For example, in the section Worry, they suggest to write down you worries. Finally there is a recommended reading section. While I appreciate this part, I found it frustrating that sometimes the book title listed wasn’t the proper book title which made it confusing to find. Some of the articles listed on different websites were either difficult to find or required paying money or buying a subscription.

I think this book could be helpful for some, and does contain a large array of topics that could get people started, but I would probably choose other books before I would resort to this one.

Disclaimer: I received this book free through the Baker Books Blogger Program in exchange for my honest opinion.


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