Your Next 24 Hours

The basic concept behind  Your Next 24 Hours by Hal Donaldson, is that kindness can help make life better, for everyone. It seems that we can all be (or continue to be) kinder to others. One statistic that Donaldson points out that is eye-opening is a reason for our apparent lack of empathy. If a person thinks that there are others around that could handle a certain situation, perhaps someone needing assistance, that they are less likely to help then if they knew they were the only one available for the task. Yet if everyone takes on this view, not much will get done.

The book is broken up into many small chapters that address a way to be kind. each of the chapters also include many examples of kindness, usually from news stories. Each of these stories was uplifting, but at times it felt like too many stories were being used that one could start to gloss over them. Each chapter also concluded with a handful of tips to assist the reader in actions they could take to cultivate their kindness.

The message of this book is great. Our world could definitely use some more kindness and that action is on us. However, I was mixed on the approach the author took. It felt a bit sporadic and rushed at times. At the very least one can be inspired by the stories and get ideas from the tips concluding the chapters.

Disclaimer: I received this book free through the Baker Books Blogger Review Program in exchange for my honest opinion.


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