The Kindness Challenge

We could probably all stand to be a little more kind to everyone. Although we might think we have the kindness thing under control, there is a chance we are slowly chipping away at our relationships without realizing what is happening.

In The Kindness Challenge, by Shaunti Feldhahn, she gives advice on how to improve any relationship in 30 days. The main premise is simplified in the title. All one needs to do is to be kind. It sounds easy, right? But this is precisely why the title contains the word challenge. It can be a challenge for us to be kind to others for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps we don’t think the person deserves our kindness, or maybe we have developed such a habit of negativity that they cannot imagine being positive. Either way, it is the lack of kindness that is detrimentally impacting the relationship.

This book is not limited to romantic relationships, but offers advice for any relationship whether it be work or family. Feldhahn shares her research and delves deeper into the actions behind kindness. She shows how kindness might be manifested differently based upon a persons gender and age. This book also details the ways in which we might be unkind without realizing the negative impact our actions are having.

Feldhahn has a helpful approach to helping the reader realize their level of kindness and the areas where they can improve. At the end of the book she even gives three different versions of the 30 day challenge: one for husbands, one for wives, and one for general relationships.

I really enjoyed this book and felt as though it brought a lot of good information to light. It helped me realize the areas I need to work on. I would definitely recommend this book to those struggling in relationships.

Disclaimer: I received this book free through the Blogging for Books blogger program in exchange for my honest review.


One thought on “The Kindness Challenge

  1. That sounds like an amazing book–I never thought about it before, but simply adopting the mindset of being kind and not taking others for granted changes so much! I’m so glad I stumbled across this post!


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