Finding God in the Waves

Our journeys with God will always have their ups and downs. Events will happen that might make us doubt our faith. We will experience the closeness of the presence of God as well as the absence. Our souls will experience peace and turbulence. All of these things will shape our faith and our faith journey. Sometimes people will experience or discover something that will bring them away from their faith. This is Mike McHargue’s story.

In Finding God In the Waves, McHargue shares the journey of coming to faith, leaving his faith, and returning to his faith. He is brutally honest and engaging in relating his experiences to the reader. He shares the difficult conversations he shared with others and explained the emotional support and attacks he received from people in his life and online.

I appreciate and enjoyed reading about his story. However, within the title he says how he rediscovered God again through science, and I was disappointed that he didn’t explore this in more depth. I felt that this area was a bit glossed over and would have like to hear more about his take on this subject. Overall, it is a decent book and a fairly quick read.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.


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