Red-Blooded American Male

 In Red-Blooded American Male, Robert Trachtenberg displays over 100 photos of mostly men over the course of his career. These photos are wonderful, hilarious, and contemplative. We often do not think of the effort, work, and stories behind the photo, but these are amusing and interesting as well. Trachtenberg shares some tidbits about what went into the making of these photos. Even the photos that he claims he spent ten minutes on appear as though they were masterfully crafted with ample amounts of time and planning. These stories help the reader to become more engaged and invested in the photos then they would be if it were simply a book of photographs.

The captions and the photos give us insight into the creative mind of Trachtenberg. His photos beautifully capture the personalities of his models. This is definitely not a book to rush through. I have enjoyed slowly journeying through this book. I would recommend it for those who enjoy photography.

FTC disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this honest review.


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