When Others Shuddered

Reading about other people can be enjoyable. It is interesting to see how others experience life. Hearing the stories of others can help us to reflect on our own. Their lives can influence us and encourage us to be better, to be stronger, and to try harder. That is what I thought I would be given when I started out to read this book.

When Others Shuddered by Jamie Janosz was not what I was expecting. I had been looking forward to a book that would help me get to know more women of faith; to learn about their impact on the world. There are far too many examples of men’s faith journeys and their influence on the world, but not enough of women. When I saw this book, I was excited that someone had tackled that subject. However, it was not exactly what I expected.

This book is about eight women who had a strong faith and were influential. Yet, after each chapter, I had learned nothing new. I still didn’t know anything about these women or what their impact had been. The chapters were all fairly brief and only barely skimmed the surface of these women’s lives. I was hoping to be drawn into their stories, to get a feel for their lives, and to see how they were influenced. Instead, I felt as if each chapter could have been given one bullet point to sum it up. I was also disappointed to find out that Janosz was going to invent some of the stories for the purpose of making the reader feel more a part of the story. Although her stories are based upon factual accounts, she did take liberty at setting the tone of scenes and conversations. If the cover or the title had made this clear, I would not have decided to read this book.

I also felt that the stories of the women were taken away from because the author kept bringing up the role of D.L. Moody in their lives, almost more so it seemed than God. While the book is a quick and easy read, with simple language, it misses its goal in bringing these women and their faith to life for the reader.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review through the Moody Publishers Blogger Review Program.



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