Costa Rica (Days 5-7)

April 10th

It is Sunday and there is not much we need to do. Most of the volunteers are leaving tomorrow morning and then more will arrive in the after noon. For now I am simply enjoying my surroundings. Being near the ocean is one of my happy places. Nature herself brings me peace and joy. After the morning rainstorm, I spent time walking along the beach barefoot, letting the waves wash over my feet and calves. The ocean is warm, the air is warm, humidity washes over me just as the ocean waves. My feet get buried in the sand with every step.The only sound is the continuous crashing of the waves.In the evening I try and rest. My shift is from midnight to 6am tomorrow and I will be guarding the hatchery again.

The pathway to the hatchery.

April 11th 

Just before midnight I head over to the hatchery to relieve the previous guards. The sky is clear. The big dipper is near to the earth and shining bright in the sky. Throughout the night its position changes. The passage of time. Eventually night slowly turns into day. The sun emerging from the oceans horizon. Creeping rays of sunlight infuse white and gray clouds with color.

Sunrise on the Caribbean.

At 6am I was relieved of my duties and immediately I returned to my bunk and slept. Since a majority of the volunteers had gone home this morning there wasn’t enough of us left to do the usual jobs. Another day to relax, read, and rest. More time to sit on the beach under coconut trees and watch the intoxicating rhythm of the waves. Later on tonight I have a patrol from 11pm-3am.

April 12th

We did not see any turtles during patrol last night/this morning. My guide did teach me how to make a grasshopper from part of a coconut palm frond. Later on in the morning, since we had enough people again, we spent more time digging for the hatchery. After lunch, I had a day shift for guarding the hatchery. This was only 2 hours long. On my way to the hatchery, I pulled some Pipas (similar to coconuts) off of a tree. I sat next to the hatchery, watching the calming ocean waves, feeling the breeze, and drinking from Pipas. Later tonight I will have another shift patrolling the beach.


Come back tomorrow to read more.


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