The Productivity Project

These days it may sometime seem that we are not productive as we can be. We want to be productive. Yet, however hard we try we feel as though we do not have the time, energy, or motivation to be at the top of our game when it comes to our productivity. If you are wondering about how to improve this situation, then perhaps check out The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey. Throughout the course of a year he spends ample time reading, researching, and testing productivity. This book takes the reader along in that year long journey explaining what did and didn’t help him.

The book is set up in easy to read format with 8 parts. In attempts to aid you in being more productive at reading each chapter, Bailey gives you the “takeaway” of the chapter along with the amount of time it should take to read.

Throughout the book, Bailey asks the reader to examine what they are actually looking to achieve as they make certain decisions in their lives. What is the motivation behind the productivity? What is the motivation behind certain life changes? And, do these changes really work? One example that Bailey gives of himself is the desire to wake up at 5:30 in order to be more productive. He ended up realizing that although he had this idealized in his mind, he wasn’t more productive from following this habit. Bailey will push you to find what works for you.

The end of each chapter contains exercises that Bailey gives to help you examine your productivity. They are often short simple tasks (with a few exceptions), but they will make you focus on your productivity levels or lack thereof.

While I appreciated the idea of the book, I did think it was longer than was necessary for the subject matter. However, there are quite a few helpful tidbits scattered throughout. For those who have problems with productivity, perhaps you should have a look at this book.


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