What We Believe

There are many question that may arise when people are asked about their Christian faith. Such questions as what we believe. The Apostles Creed is something that is often recited during a worship service. There are some that know it verbatim, while others know the gist of what it is saying. Although we recite it, one might wonder if we actually understand what we are professing and if we follow through in action. Whether we live a life that affirms what we believe.

This book, What We Believe: Understanding and Confessing the Apostles’ Creed by R.C. Sproul, takes the Apostles’ Creed line by line and gives it a bit more depth. Context for the basis of the claim is given. Occasionally a word from the Hebrew or Greek texts are elaborated on. The usage of scripture is helpful in giving reference points for people that correspond to certain parts of the creed.

Sproul will also occasionally show other views on the subject to give a broader view for why we profess what we believe in the creed in contrast to other opinions on the same tenet.

The book is outlined well as it takes the reader on a journey through the Apostles Creed. It is easy to read, uses simple language, and is understandable. It would be a good book to help deepen one’s understanding on the profession of the Apostle’s Creed.

Disclaimer: I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.


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