A Day at the Museum

I enjoy visiting museums. A habit that I perhaps picked up from my childhood. While many children had the yearlong  passes to Disneyland, our family had a year long passes to the National Parks. During these cross country travels we spent ample time hiking. My mother, an artist (a well as my father), made it a point to stop at nearly every museum in our path. Early on we gained an appreciation for art.

Even now that I am older I prefer National Parks and Museums to the theme parks favored by my peers. I could spend hours aimlessly walking through museum exhibits.Among my favorites are sculpture, photography, and some paintings. Generally I don’t care for the pop-culture or contemporary stuff. You know the white canvas with a single blue stripe that I am sure a kindergartner could have done just as easily.

Earlier this year I had the chance to visit the Met and the Frick on a day trip to New York. They were both lovely. I often try to get a few postcards of my favorite paintings before I leave. I have a string hanging horizontally in my room that I attach these postcards to with clothes pins. They give me snippets of beauty and inspiration daily.

I checked the postcards from this last trip. All three of them have water included in the scene. Not even drinking water, but bodies of water, oceans and lakes. I look around my room wondering what the other postcards I have collected are about. More water. I am sensing a theme. As a swimmer I love water, especially open water. My subconscious is drawn to water. Complete immersion. Perhaps on a deeper level my soul is connecting with baptism. It’s just a thought. Perhaps something I will reflect on more.


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