Writing Letters

A recent writing prompt asked us about the last letter I wrote by hand. That is hard to say as I enjoy sending snail mail. Every time I go to the store I pick up cards that I think are cute or that remind me of people. I keep a miniature address book with me and stamps in my wallet so I could send a card at almost any moment. I also have stamps in almost every book I am reading as well as my notebook. And some strewn on my desk. I have at least 10 different stamp denominations. Anywhere from a 1 cent stamp to an international stamp.

Email might be convenient, but there is something special about finding a piece of mail in you inbox. Sometimes the letters I write are pages long. They might ramble about random things I have done or think about. They might also involve drawings. Very random drawings, or comics about my life. The smalls things that happen. Like being vegan in a place where the cook adds butter to the rice. And sometimes I like to send cards to let people know I am thinking about them and that they are cherished.

I have three half finished letters on my desk right now that I should probably go finish. Two are actually postcards, but still, a handwritten gesture. Email might be convenient for speed, but there is a lot more effort that goes into writing a letter and mailing it. Effort in a good way.

Try it. Write someone a letter, by hand, and mail it.


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