The Grass is (Not) Always Greener

The writing prompt for today gave us an option to pick from one of five twitter quotes. The one that resonated with me was from Lev Grossman. He says:

“Why is writing so much harder for me than it is for everybody else?” — every novelist ever, secretly to themselves, all the time.”

This month I am participating in NaNoWriMo, and it captures how I feel about writing in general. I enjoy writing, but sometimes if feels incredibly hard. I don’t think the words I put down are good enough or that they mean anything. I don’t think they elicit what I want to say in a beautiful way. It’s as if I am writing on a kindergarten level of backward lettered scrawls while everyone else is writing the next PhD dissertation masterpiece.

And I believe many things in life are similar to this. We often think that everyone else has an easier time than us. It is ‘the grass is always greener’ kind of syndrome. I wonder how much social media has contributed to this. On our sites we might only post the good stuff. We are only seeing a partial reality; one that has been edited. Seldom do we post the anguish or difficulties we are going through. And so we cannot relate to people who we only believe to be doing well. We do not think that their struggle is our struggle; that their grief is our grief.

But the grass is not always greener. We just try to make it appear that way. If only we could open up more to one another. To share our difficulties, if only to acknowledge them. By doing that we can come to one another for support and growth instead of remaining stuck in what we believe to be our inadequacy in comparison to others.


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