Where I Write

The daily post today asked us to talk about where we write. For me there are many different places. In the old room I used to inhabit the desk was against a wall and there was no good place to put the computer. I have moved to a new room with a new desk that is actually flat and has nothing on it. The sun flows in and keeps me warm part of the day.

I also enjoy writing on the couch in the kitchen. Currently my brother is on one end of the couch writing and I am at the other end typing this post. When I lived in Washington and New Jersey I would love to go to coffee shops and write. In New Jersey I would go to small world coffee, since they have the best coffee on the planet this would happen very often. Then I could also watch people and overhear the occasional amusing conversation.

Finally, if I wake up super early and don’t make it to swim practice, I will write outside in the backyard for some fresh air, blue skies, and palm trees.

Going out to write also gives me a reason to put on pants and leave the house.

I know this blog has been a bit of a collection of stuff so if there is something you happen to enjoy more than others let me know. I’d love to hear suggestions.


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