Things I Enjoy

It’s always good to be grateful and aware of the things that you enjoy. Here is a short and incomplete list, but it is a start.

I Enjoy…

  1. Nighttime thunderstorms. – When I lived in Wyoming these were such a joy. I would sit on the porch and stare into the blackness of the night sky. Clouds were illuminated by a distant moon. The rain gave everything that distinct smell. A mixture of wet dirt and pine. Then you hear a rumbling in the distance, and the sound waves ripple until it washes over you. One second. Two Seconds. Three seconds. BAM! A crack of lightning tears through the sky and spider webs the night into sections like cracked glass. A brilliant flash which turns the sky into a soft purple. Then back to black.
  2. A Good Cup of Coffee – I love my coffee. The smell of beans as they are being roasted, slowly, lightly. A smell that relaxes me. The smell when they are being ground fresh for using that day. If I am having an espresso then it’s the color of the liquid as it’s being pressured through a compact mound of grounds. Streams of black and tan pouring down. If it’s my french press, then it’s the slow press, filtering the grounds out. A coffee that is black and pure. Nothing will be added. Just a cup of hot fresh coffee in my hands.
  3. A Good Book – The one that I cannot put down until I finish. And when I come to the end I am starved for more. Life around me stops and I wonder how the world can go on after having just read what I did. The kind of book where you become a part of the story.
  4. The Mountains – The outdoors are one of my favorite places to be. The stillness on a mountaintop. The soft breeze. The cool air. The view. The peace that my soul feels. The quiet. The calm. The serenity. I would be content to set up a hammock and lay there. No civilization in sight. Nature and I existing as we were meant to be. In harmony with the earth.
  5. The Ocean – I get a similar joyous feeling with the ocean. Especially when the water is clear and I can dive down deep. As deep as I am able. Gently floating, weightless, as in a vacuum. Sounds are dimmed or non-existent. But the ocean is alive. You can feel the slight changes in the water. The sand rippling below from invisible waves. Enveloped in a world of blue. It is a safe place.

4 thoughts on “Things I Enjoy

  1. As you already know I am a coffee addict, just the smell of coffee will brighten my day. I really don’t think I could go to long without it (why would I put myself through that torture.) But, the way you describe mountains, it makes my heart ache that I am not able to see them as much as I want to… Dallas, there are none, but when I visit Tennessee, I sit out on the deck and enjoy the view from my families home there.

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