October Goals Recap

Wow. This was definitely not a good month for goals. Although, I did expect it going in. First let me just say 2/3 of the way through the month I moved. I had been living in the woods up in Washington in Olympic National Park. Now I back in my homeland of Los Angeles. Between moving and preparing for that and the chaos that met me when I got back home, I went on overload and wasn’t able to fully engage in my goals as I had wanted.

The first goal would have worked out if I was living in Los Angeles. The problem with doing it in Washington was that I had no kitchen and could only get into town (42 miles) once a week. I only ate a few unprocessed things though. As soon as I got back to LA, it has been almost a nonstop inhalation of crazy delicious and fresh foods. Essentially nothing with a UPC (Universal Product Code). I think I ate 12 pieces of fruit one day even. Therefore the goal was a half-win. And to celebrate unprocessed and delicious foods, I made a Pumpkin Maple Pie yesterday.

The second goal worked out mostly good. I only did thee book reviews out of the intended four, but again in the moving process I was without stuff for a bit. The last book I was going to review got left in Washington, along with my luggage, and I was unable to write a review for that. It will be coming out sometime in the next week.

The third goal was to spend twenty minutes on my German a day. This actually worked out fine for the first half of the month. Then the whole moving thing happened and with resettling into California life I was unable to put forward that twenty minutes.

I hope your goals went better than mine. Tomorrow there will be a fresh list of goals for me to attempt to conquer. The point is that I am making an effort.

Happy Halloween.

Now go eat some pie.


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