Expression Through Creativity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

Express myself. My three siblings and I were raised in a joyfully creative household. Expressing ourselves was encouraged. Creativity was highly encouraged. Our dad would even invent games that would help us be creative. People say that children learn by example. I would agree. My household was one mass of creative energy. Paintings by my mom and dad adorn the walls. There isn’t even enough space for all of them. They overflow onto shelves and we have even taken our favorite pieces to hang in our own rooms. I remember going to painting events on the beach with my dad. They taught us to paint sailboats on the ocean. Painting was a big one. It will always be. We have a table in our kitchen piled high with canvases, paints, and brushes. When I lived away from home this last year, there were paintings inside of me, waiting to get out. I took a bus to the art store and bought canvases and paint and then let the pictures become.


Sculpture is something I would like to try one day. I know my mom did. She went to a sculpting class for a while. She bought a piece of marble and would cart it around. She would smooth it down. That piece is on a bookshelf by her bedside.

And of course music. Another integral part of my family. Whether through instruments or singing, there is never a day where music is missing from our house. We invent songs about anything and everything. They become running jokes. Everyone in our house has written multiple songs because there are so many melodies and words waiting to be heard, to be pieced together, to be sung.

Then there is writing. I still remember me and my mom creating one minute poems together. We would choose a topic and then give ourselves a minute to write. Then we would read our poems aloud. This is a great way to bond, express ourselves, and see different styles of poetry.

One more form of expression that is strong in our household is through acting. I will not go into it here because my sister captures it beautifully in her response to this writing prompt. I would encourage you to check it out here.

It is in my very nature to be expressive and create. I only hope I can continue to learn and explore the vast amount of options to express my joy for life.


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