To Be Inspired

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”

I want people to be inspired…

To be inspired to create art, unafraid of the outcome, as a young child exploring. Get a canvas and some paints, pour paint on your hands. Let your fingers be brushes. Crunch some leaves and scatter them on top and then let it dry. Keep going. Buy more canvases, or use cardboard, or slats of wood you find on the side of the road. It will add character to the art. Take pictures and then paint over what you have painted.

To be inspired to create music. Let your fingers hover over the keys of a piano or the strings of a a guitar. Explore the notes as you would explore a new town or city. There is nothing to be afraid of, find a sequence that is pleasing to your ears and write it down. Record it for future generations.

To be inspired to write. Let words flow through your hands onto the paper. Softly at first like a trickling stream leading through valleys until it shoots off of a cliff face as a roaring waterfall with spectators enjoying the show. There is always somethings to write about, find your voice.

To be inspired to try new things. Don’t become so set in a routine that you never experience anything new. If this frightens you start off small. One new experience a day, a week, a month. It can be small like trying a piece of jackfruit. It can be big like skydiving. But try new things.


To be inspired to adventure and travel; either to faraway places or in your own city. Instead of living vicariously through the adventures of others, go have your own. Inspire someone else through your adventures, through your travels; meet new people, make new friends, see new places.


To be inspired to cook. Create your own recipes. Buy ingredients you have never heard of or used and figure out something to make with it. Experiment. Fail. Succeed. Make attempts. Have a recipe that you can call your own.


To be inspired to live outside the box. Don’t let societies idea of who and what you should be define you. Let the Holy Spirit breathe through you and lead you.

To be inspired to love yourself.

To be inspired to treat yourself with the respect you deserve.

To be inspired to love others.

To be inspired to find joy.

To be inspired to dance.

To be inspired.

To be.


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