A Change of Persepctive

We all go through periods that wear us down. Like an ocean constantly crashing upon the rocks eroding them down. Events in our life can feel like that. It can be small events that slowly eat away at us or it can feel like a tsunami and typhoon simultaneously, attempting to break us down. And it can be difficult to get out of. But sometimes, it only takes a little change of perspective. When we focus on all the bad it is easy to spiral downward into a deeper negativity. In doing so we are shackling ourselves in our own prisons of unhappiness. We close the blinds to all the light and goodness in our lives. I was rereading through an old journal entry, one that was spiraling into negativity. But all of a sudden it stopped and I forced myself to change perspective and think of the positive, to see light instead of darkness. Here is what I had written:

“STOP. downward spiral warning, change course. The wind no longer hurts my face. I lay in a hammock yesterday enjoying a breeze, cardinals chirping, and a blue sky with clouds. Blossoms are falling like a light snow. I’m moving to a rain forest in a month. I get to see my family in two weeks. J.D. is praying for me. Somewhere out there is my future husband. I am learning to love myself. So many things are good. I have enough and I am enough.”

If you are going through trials right now, if life events are grating against you, take a moment, breathe deep. Try a change of perspective. Look for the good, even if it is in the small things.


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