September Goals Recap

The delightful update on my successes and failures at the goals I had set for myself at the beginning of this month. It was a long month, but nevertheless I am pleased with how my goals turned out.

The first goal was to do yoga three times a week. That worked for the first two weeks but after that, well, let’s just say that yoga didn’t happen. Even though I know it would have felt better and it only takes twenty minutes for the short routine. Maybe I’ll make this a goal again for another month. Something in the air gave me a lack of motivation this month. But again the first two weeks I did follow the yoga goal. A half-win.

The second goal was to forgo the morning pot of coffee once a week. This was the most successful goal. Every week I was able to make it one day without coffee. Actually two of the weeks I went four days without the morning coffee. This goal was made easier by the lack of decent coffee in my immediate area. Tea became a high preferable option to the choice of coffee there was. At least one goal was successful.

The third goal was to fast once every two weeks. I realized that I hadn’t set parameters for the type of fast. Would I do a complete fast? A twelve hour fast? I began researching types of fasting and debating which one I should do. I opted for one of the shorter fasts. However, I only fasted once this month, so another half-win.

My last goal of the month was to write a page a day for my book. This ultimately failed. The first week went fine. But then between all the events that were happening I changed the goal from writing for my book to be writing something every day. It could be for the book, a short story, poems, or anything else. It didn’t happen every day. I have been reading a lot and then there was work and the random walks through the woods. So I’ll consider it another half-win.

How did your September goals go? Stay tuned for tomorrow and my October goals, which will hopefully be more successful than this last month. Start planning your October goals and let me know what yours are. Happy last day of September!


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