National Coffee Day


Dear Caffeinated Friends,

Happy National Coffee Day. I hope you are enjoying it with a delicious cup of your favorite coffee. Most of this summer through a need to save money I have only had awful coffee since it was free. Some days it was so unbearable that I didn’t drink coffee. But for National Coffee Day I decided to get something that would hopefully be better than everything else I was drinking this summer. Now I am thinking I should have ordered my favorite blend from Small World Coffee. Instead I took a bus 42 miles to the nearest town, went to the health food store and spent almost 45 minutes deciding which coffee to go with. I ended up choosing a Guatemalan blend which had been roasted by the power of the SUN. At least that’s what they claim. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this delightful day. Now go drink coffee.

Flamingo Coffee

Also enjoy this picture I drew of a flamingo drinking coffee.


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