Making it Home

Making it Home is a memoir by Emily T. Wierenga which chronicles events at different stages of her life. She writes about her struggles, sorrows, and joys. At times it feels like you are reading a personal journal as she weaves into the story tidbits of everyday life. One thing I appreciated about this book is the authors’ openness in sharing her understanding of events and God’s role in her life. We all experience faith differently and it is intriguing to see how another person processes, understands, and grows in their faith from certain events.

One aspect of the book I was mixed on was the writing style. While it was easy and simple to read, it felt lacking in enthusiasm so it was not as engaging as I would have liked. Sometimes when I read books, I envision how they would be heard if it were spoken. Her style of writing sounds passive and mellow. We are not being engaged or invited into the story but told about it in passing with a level of disconnectedness.

Disclosure: I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers program.


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