September Goals

In order to continue in my personal growth and hold myself accountable I have decided to create monthly goals. Here are my goals for the month of September:

  1. Yoga 3 times a week

The times when I actually get myself to do yoga it feels great. However, I don’t keep to a schedule and will often start out on a yoga routine only to sputter out and end up wondering when the last time I had done yoga was and why I stopped. Maybe this month I can keep myself more accountable for doing it. I have pretty tight muscles and would like to gain flexibility and strength. I don’t go to yoga classes since I don’t live near any but there are some yoga podcasts that I really enjoy. The one I plan on doing is YOGAMAZING. They are fairly short and there are so many different choices addressing different issues so I can switch it up.

  1. Forgo the morning pot of coffee 1 day a week

Every morning when I wake up, I grab the basket that contains a mason jar, a coffee cup, coffee grinds, a French press, a tea strainer, and 10 kinds of tea. Without having to think about it I grab the electric kettle, fill it with water and begin to prep my French press. Some days I am so tired that I pour the grinds into my cup instead. As if coffee isn’t enough I need to eat the grinds. The point is that I don’t even think about whether or not I want coffee that day. It has become an engrained habit that coffee is the only way to start a morning. Besides it would probably be somewhat beneficial to cut back just a wee bit and show that I am not simply addicted to coffee.  Maybe I will have a deeper appreciation for that morning cup. I also would like to see how much it is or isn’t affecting my body.

  1. Fasting 1 day every two weeks

This is something I have wanted to try but my love affair with food prevents me from doing so. I think doing this would be helpful to make me more aware of my relationship with food and also give my body a chance to recharge. We’ll see how it goes.

  1. Write a page a day for my book

I began an attempt to write a book about two months ago. After writing one page I either forgot about it or put it to the side for another time. If I had just spent a bit of time on it every day since I started I could have had it halfway done by now, at least a rough draft. Yet another thing I would like to be more diligent about. We will see how this goes but I figure if I can get some words on the page at least they will be there. There is time for editing and improving later but I need to start somewhere. My minimum is one page a day but if I am able to write more than that I will try.

What are you goals for the month?


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