The Original Jesus

Daniel Darling has a concern for the way Jesus is being portrayed in out society. In The Original Jesus he has ten chapters with titles depicting the different ways that people see Jesus. Each of these chapters contains a little bit of personal narrative, a problem with that view of Jesus, and how Jesus should be seen in contrast with that particular view. He addresses these issues with quotes from famous authors and quotes from scripture.

However, the book does not go deep into theology and is very surface level. There were quite a few parts in which it didn’t seem like he addressed the supposed incorrect portrayal of Jesus enough, but merely glossed over the subject. Darling could have gone into more depth in many of these areas instead of giving us brief glimpses from different areas (such as personal narrative, quotes from authors and scripture). The briefness and lack of depth make it difficult to be drawn into and feel like something was learned or gained from its reading.

Disclosure: I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers program.


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