The Irresistible Community

If there is one thing that many of us crave today, it is to be a part of an authentic community. The types of relationships that we have today can often be superficial. They are people we will spend time with for the sake of curing that desire for a longing of company, but they fall short of quenching the deep connection that we are looking for. The comfort of being accepted for who we are and not having to mold ourselves or change for people to accept us. Bill Donahue invites us to find and join that community in The Irresistible Community: An Invitation to Life Together.

Donahue describes the type of community to which Jesus invites us; a community of trust and acceptance, where perfection is not a requirement, and where we are allowed to simply exist with all our flaws and imperfections. It is a community of support, forgiveness, and growth.

He broadens the concept of community to include the community with God, Christ, and the earth. He describes the beneficial aspects of a good community in which people are bonded by common experiences and are empowered to live a life of service. Donahue also describes the makeup of a functioning community that works together, what that community can achieve, and how to promote community life.

Donahue’s book uses real life experiences, scripture, fictional narrative, and logic to show the reader the importance, struggles, and benefits of a Christian community. It was an interesting read but not always engaging. However, there are some useful tips for promoting community discussion as well as ideas that challenge our current way of being.

Disclosure: I received this book free from Baker Books through the Baker Books Bloggers program.


5 thoughts on “The Irresistible Community

  1. yes, join a group because that is the best way to be a person, an individual. Of course, find a flock you like and follow along. Be a sheep. Never mind your human potential, find a flock to follow along with. Lower yourself to the lowest common denominator so that you fit in. Fit in at any expense. Forget your capability, fit in.


    1. Yes, one of the best ways to be a person, an individual, is to join a community. Communities are composed of individuals of varying ideas, backgrounds, desires, joys, burdens, and thoughts. A community should encourage and celebrate diversity and a community should encourage individual growth. It is about human potential, to be encouraged to grow and pursue a full life, one that supports and encourages your capabilities. However, it has little to do with lowering yourself to the lowest common denominator so that you fit in. Fitting in is a life of oppression taking away from who we can be and become. I would be interested in how you came to the viewpoint you have described.


      1. there is no manner to be an individual if one joins a community… Communities are not for individuals but those that want no individuality. Communities, by definition, cannot celebrate diversity.


      2. In diversity we are brought together. In doing so we can relish and accept the differences in one another. Communities are a place where those quirks that make us distinctly unique are accepted and embraced (at least in a healthy community). To say that communities are not for individuals and cannot celebrate diversity is to have a very narrow and limited view of community, but is understandable if this has been the only type of community you have encountered.


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