Ocean Life

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

Earlier this month my mom and sister came to visit me in the woods. On my day off we took a trip out to the coast to Second Beach. It was a beautiful overcast day. The tide was out and sea life was abundant. Here are just a few of the things we found while walking across an expanse of sand that was slowly filling up with water as the tide came in.


These little jellyfish were all over the place. The beach was littered with them. They don’t have tentacles and cant sting. From far away they looked like plastic globules. When they were submerged in water their rings and lines lit up bright blue. And when you scooped them up in their hands they returned to being clear.


Crabs were also everywhere. Sometimes there were only pieces of crabs as the birds had eaten the insides and left parts lying around. This little guy was just chilling under a patch of water.

sea anemone

Alongside the caves were sea anemones. Many were dried up and looked like an off green jello blob. When a wave came in and they were submerged they would sprout like this one here.


One of the clumps of mussels scattered at random across the beach.

starfishA Starfish nestled between rock crevices along the cave faces.


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