Attack of the Wasps

After work today I plopped down and opened up my computer. I had no motivation to work out although my body was craving it, desperately. I couldn’t even bring myself to read one of the many books I had checked out of the library. At 6pm I couldn’t bear the thought of doing nothing productive until bedtime, only to go to sleep feeling unfulfilled. I had been wanting to get back into a normal fitness routine and so pushed myself to get into running shoes and head outside. The plan was to run 3 miles to the falls and then hike 3 miles back. The sun was shining and as I began jogging down the road my spirits lifted with increased oxygen and endorphin’s flooding my system.

About a quarter of a mile into my run I hear a buzzing and a giant black and yellow thing following me. I swatted it away and kept running. For a few moments I had relief before it started again. A run that started out peaceful became increasingly frustrating. One wasp turned into five. They chased me for a mile and a half up the road. I tried every tactic to get rid of them. It must have been comical to watch. I would dart uphill, abruptly stop, then run backward, dodge across the road, run forward, back, then in circles. They were relentless. One flew into my ear, another down my shirt, and one even made it into my mouth, yes, INTO MY FREAKING MOUTH!!!! That was terrifying enough to me, I though I was going to be stung or accidentally swallow it. I was on the verge of tears. All I had wanted was a peaceful run but I was becoming increasingly stressed and felt like my heart would explode from sprinting up the hills. Finally, with my heart pounding out of my chest, I gave up and conceded the wasps their victory.

They continued to follow me as I turned around and headed back down the road. Every time I looked back I could see a few trailing behind me as the rest circled around, darting into my face at intervals. No amount of swatting, attempted fooling, or swinging my water bottle at them would make them stop. The water bottle swinging only ended in me hitting myself in he head with the water bottle. It became so unbearable that as I passed the campground, I ran into the bathroom and slammed the door behind me. The buzzing was gone. I took a few deep breaths and smiled at the reprieve. I left the bathroom and began my run again. Within twenty seconds they had found me and started chasing me again. I made it another quarter of a mile to the next campground bathroom and hid. This time I cautiously left the bathroom, dreading to hear the familiar sound of buzzing, I was relieved to finish the last quarter-mile in relative peace.

I ran into the rangers and asked them about why the wasps were targeting me. They laughed and said that it was probably a combination of the heat, the amount of carbon dioxide around me, and my body temperature. Apparently the wasps see me as a giant glowing red orb that they are drawn to pursuing. They recommended I attempt to run at a time when it is cooler out. Although I didn’t get to do my full run/hike due to my unexpected wasp attack, it felt great to be outside among the trees and breathing in fresh air. An unmotivated afternoon turned into an interesting evening. On the bright side (if it can even be thought of as a bright side), the wasps forced me to sprint instead of go for a leisurely jog.

Anybody else attacked by wasps recently?


2 thoughts on “Attack of the Wasps

  1. The insects here are vicious predators. A tincture of Yarrow leaf sprayed on the body is a natural deterrent for insects. Much safer and less cancer-y than normal insect repellants. 🙂


  2. Aw, poor you just out for an innocent run! So sorry. You must have inadvertantly run by their hive. Thanks for stopping by my site and liking my Close up. I love this yellow flower with the honey bee next to it.


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