Your Life Matters

During my weekly library browsing day last week, I found a book called Living a Life that Matters by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner. I had been looking for another book to read that would give insight into living life for and with God. However, there have been few authors recently that write on this subject that I … More Your Life Matters

Ocean Life

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.” Earlier this month my mom and sister came to visit me in the woods. On my day off we took a trip out to the coast to Second Beach. It was a beautiful overcast day. The tide was out and sea life was abundant. … More Ocean Life

Attack of the Wasps

After work today I plopped down and opened up my computer. I had no motivation to work out although my body was craving it, desperately. I couldn’t even bring myself to read one of the many books I had checked out of the library. At 6pm I couldn’t bear the thought of doing nothing productive … More Attack of the Wasps