Any Way You Look At It

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Golden Hour.”

As an early bird I have experienced the 6 AM hour more than I could possibly count. I have seen the joys of this morning hour when a majority of the population are still snuggled cozily in their beds, wrapped in a dream of warmth under a mountain of blankets. Throughout the different countries, states, and seasons, I still love the 6 AM hour and the memories it brings.

In the summer the sun has already been out before 6 AM even dragged itself out of bed. Especially if you are in Canada during the summer solstice. At that time the sun has already woken you at 4, and so you sit on the balcony staring into a flat countryside at the horizon while the sun hovers overhead as if it were nearly noon.  The golden hour means that we can start hiking earlier. With the first rays of the sun lighting the sky we pass the gates that forbid hiking before sunrise. There is no frost on the ground or chill in the air. The heat is already rising.

6 AM means swim practice is only beginning. Only 500m left of kicking, 200m of heads up butterfly, or 2500 m total. It means that my coffee will not be drunk in peace. Instead, gulps will be inhaled during the 10 second interval during a pull set. The time when I should drinking water. I swig just enough and then push off, missing the first few breaths so I can swallow the coffee and not choke.


6 AM means that we have already left the boathouse and the dock; that we are halfway down the 3 mile lake. It means no more coffee until we get back at 7, but it also means no bathroom until 7, so chugging that 18oz coffee was a bad idea.

And if it is winter or fall, the 6 AM swim and row are done in the dark. I develop efficiency in multitasking; paying attention to the rhythm of stroke seat while picking out the few constellations I know. Light pollution is minimal on the lake providing a greater view of the constellations.

6 AM in the fall means that I don’t have to wake up so early for sunrise on Cadillac Mountain. Not like I did during the summer when leaving at 3 was barely enough time.


Yes 6 AM can be the golden hour if the season and tilt of the earth is prime. But 6 AM is also a beautiful time when the light is still waiting to shoot over the horizon. The time when stars can still shine and the moon can light our path.

6 AM means that the coffee has been ready and the day is waiting for you to live.


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