Living in the Woods (Part 1)

In the summer of 2011 I spent my summer in Yellowstone National Park around the Old Faithful area. Besides my job in the gas station, I got to watch geysers go off on a daily basis; streams of water shooting high into the air. In the mornings rays of sunlight would penetrate the steam, a sharp contrast from the cold morning air. Even after three months I would wait expectantly for that stream of water. It never ceased to amaze me.


And of course there were mountains in abundance, with even more streams of water, from melting glaciers cascading off of cliff faces. Some of these waterfalls were only a trickle, but a trickle from so high up that you had to crane your neck. Then there were smaller ones, but strong and powerful. They could sweep you away in an instant.


After growing up in the city it was a nice change. Yet it didn’t feel that different from the city. Old Faithful is highly populated. We had our own post office, a health center, restaurants, stores, lodges, and a pub. Instead of feeling the peace and quiet of nature, it still seemed like city life with some nature added in.

I probably learned a lot that summer but nothing that I’d be able to vocalize or even realize. The woods does give you a different perspective on life and I was beginning to learn what that was. At the end of the summer I returned to California, to the city, and to school. But the summer stayed with me, I missed the woods.


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