Get Ready for Pi Day!

Beginning tomorrow at 9:26:53 we will hit a time of pi epicness. 3/14/15 9:26:53.

Today I am experimenting with a Peanut Butter Apple Pie. If it comes out well I will post a recipe tomorrow. Otherwise I have added links below to pies from the past. This is not extensive of my pie collection but things that I happen to have online. They are also all vegan. Many of my older pie recipes are not vegan but I am working on modifying them. In the mean time enjoy these pie recipes for pi day. For a main meal you could eat Shepherd’s Pie.


Before we get to the good stuff, how else do you celebrate pi day? I remember our elementary school would give us pie and we would each get a number and walk around the black top in the order of pi. I’m sure there were other things that we did but those are the two I have strong memories of and possibly pictures stashed away in the depths of a bottomless pile of photos from my child.

Pi day is still a joyous time in which I always bake and eat pie. In the past I have gotten carried away and naked 17 pies, albeit some were miniature ones, but I can be excessive especially with something as delicious as pie. I hope you are ready to celebrate and that your city has special events. Mine does and I will hopefully post about them tomorrow. Otherwise you can watch the movie pi, listen to the band pie, or even draw pictures of pie.

And now for dessert pies, here are some photos and links to pies I have made in the past.


Key Lime Pie


Banana Cream Pie

Have Fun and Eat Pie!


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