A Winter’s Day

I can probably write a billion posts about the weather. Before I moved to New Jersey I had checked the weather report less than 10 times in my entire life. Every single one of these times I had only checked at my mom’s request to see if it was either too hot to hike or if she needed to bring a cardigan for warmth. Now I obsessively check the weather up to 12 times a day. I know it’s not going to change much if at all but it gives me some hope that next week it is supposed to hit 52 degrees. In the meantime I wake up to this.


On the bright side school was cancelled, giving me yet another week to try to understand Aramaic transliteration from Proto-Semitic. Yet, I decided to still be productive and walked 1.25 miles to the school library, holed up in the reference section, and read what felt like every commentary on Exodus.

Yet before I ended up deciding to be productive, I made pancakes. I should have taken a picture to share but they were so delicious I kind of inhaled them immediately. The second batch didn’t last long enough for photos either, but these were some pretty epic pancakes. No exact recipe yet but the batter was a combination of bananas, dates, cashew meal, water, flax meal, and cornmeal. I might add spices next time. I promise that eventually (within the next year) I will have a recipe for you to try to make them. I’ll make extra so the ones I don’t inhale will live long enough for photographic evidence.

In the meantime, this tree is outside my window and is covered in snow.


While parts of winter can be bitter and cruel, there are certain things that I have been amazed by. The picture below for instance. This is something I had only ever seen in photographs. But looks it’s a green Christmas like tree with snow on it. Go ahead and laugh but I think it’s kinda neat, but then again this is my first time in a place that has winter.


Thanks for the experience winter. Now please end.


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