Talking to God

Last week I shared a snippet of a sermon I was listening to. Today I want to share a bit more from a different sermon, different speaker, but the same church. These were the two things that stuck out to me from the speakers message/sermon.

1. “God will never let you run out of things to talk to him about.”

This stuck out to me because sometimes I don’t know what to pray or talk to God about. It feels ridiculous to give God a recap of my day because God already knows what has happened. Since we are told God knows what is on our hearts it feels like we are just telling God what God already knows. And sometimes, I honestly don’t feel like I have anything to talk to God about. I hope I am not the only one who feels this way but I don’t think we often hear people saying this (at least I haven’t). But this one sentence took off in my mind and spread like wildfire about questions and reflections of talking with God. Here are just a few:

– Is there a certain way we believe we are “supposed to” approach God to talk? And is this idea of how we are “supposed to” stopping us from talking to God?

– Have we forgotten how to talk to God?

– Do we even want to talk to God?

2. “The Bible does not say reason and resolve that God is good, it says taste and see.” 

As soon as he said this I burst out laughing. I feel like I live in a tug of war situation where seminary/academia is pulling me to reason and resolve while I am trying to live in taste and see.



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