Attempts at Keeping a Journal

I often attempt a practice known as journaling. Perhaps you have tried it? There are many people who journal, whether it is to understand themselves better through self-reflection or just to keep as a record of their daily lives. Journaling can even be considered an art form as there are many books out there on the topic, offering tips, guidance, and even prompts in case you are stuck. Then there are some books that are a compilation of other artists journals. I try (and often fail) and keeping a journal. Looking through old journals there will be long entries followed by periods of silence. Yet, a part of me always wants to get better and successfully keep a journal.

I am always curious as to what others write in their journals and how often they go back and look at them. Mine range anywhere from the drollness of the day to a rant about something that happened. Sometimes the entries will be reflections on a quote. Other times they will be a letter to God. But then a period of dryness comes, or maybe business, and the journal sits untouched.

What are your thoughts on journal keeping?


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