Words of Hope from Clement

It has been a week and yet I am still sick. However, I finally have more energy to post more often than once a week.

I got a book out of the library the other week called Before the Door of God: An Anthology of Devotional Poetry. There are poems in here from across the sages. Slowly I am working through it and trying to savor each poem; to let it wash over me and absorb into me (that is if I feel something from it). There are times I read poems without them making an impact or resonating.

 One of the poems I will share a bit of today was written by Clement of Alexandria.

Guide, Shepherd

of rational sheep;

guide unharmed children,

O holy King,

O footsteps of Christ

O heavenly way,

perennial Word,

immeasurable Age,

Eternal Light,

Fount of mercy,

performer or virtue;” – Excerpt from Ode to the Saviour Christ by Clement of Alexandria

This is approximately a quarter of the poem but something about it struck me. Perhaps because I know of my need for God’s guidance in navigating life. For their to be assurance that there is a shepherd and there are footsteps of Christ and that there is a heavenly way is a good reminder in times or chaos, doubt, and turmoil when our souls are troubled. Each of these lines holds a beautiful significance and message. “Perennial word” – God’s word, given to us through scriptures, enduring forever, always there to comfort and guide us. “Eternal light” – shining in times of darkness as well as light, making the path clear, instilling hope. “Fount of mercy” – for the times when we fail and need forgiveness. “Performer of virtue” – a virtue I hope I can follow. “O holy King” – for our God reigns.

 Are there any parts of this poem that resonate with you?


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