Remembrance of Resolutions Past

It’s the night before the New Year. Do you have your resolutions planned?

Every year millions of people (I am just throwing out a random number not supported by any data) make resolutions for the upcoming year. New Year, new you, right? Because starting something on January 1st makes it feel a little more significant. If you have made your resolutions, do you have a speculated date for which you’ll give them up? Is that too negative? I always get caught around this time and debate whether I should make resolutions because that’s what people do or whether I really need to make a resolution. After all the date is quite insignificant. It’s a psychological thing.

In the past I have made resolutions and broken them. Sometimes January 1st rolls around and I am left without a list of resolutions. So I’ll wait until the Eastern Orthodox New Year on January 14th. Maybe, if I am resistant I’ll delay it until Chinese New Year. Heck, why not delay it until the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah). I should be able to keep resolutions for 3-4 months, right? Whatever new year I decide to start my resolutions they will still end on the traditional day of the end of the year, December 31st.

Most resolutions I have made were also given up. Except for I wouldn’t use that term. I would qualify it with certain explanations:

1. Taking on too many resolutions.

2. Not being ready (hence starting at other New Years dates).

3. Being too busy?

A few years ago there is one resolution that I kept steadfastly throughout the year. It was the most successful resolution I had ever made. Take more naps. It was glorious. Every afternoon I curled up under the covers and peacefully dozed off.

I don’t make resolutions anymore. At least not for New Years. When I want something to happen or change, I will make a diligent effort towards that goal. I am not bashing new years resolutions in any way. If they work for you then have at it. I wish you well.

Happy New Years Eve.


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