Ice, Water, Steam… (Variations of Me)

In response to the weekly writing challenge.

For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?

Being the same thing in different forms shows the dynamic and complex nature of existence. I like this analogy for many reasons. Firstly, I am a water child. I feel completely relaxed and at peace when swimming. I love the ocean. When the waves envelop me and I am completely submerged. Rays of bright sunshine filter through, gold beams of joy. Shadows that provide a sharp contrast and are beautiful in themselves. In water I am free.

A river in Yellowstone National Park

But now let us look at each of these in turn. cold and hard. We can see the times when we are cold and hard. Yet, all it takes is a warm hug to help melt down that barrier. That is one way to see the metaphor. But think of ice sculptures. They are intricately carved yet fleeting. Ice can be melted down to water and frozen again into different shapes. Our circumstances will constantly change us but they don’t make us permanent. We can have the rough edges melted down and turned into something new. Ice is fragile. Drop it on the floor and it can shatter. We are just as fragile. These are small-scale thoughts on ice. Now, think bigger. Imagine the masses of ice that make up glaciers. Indestructible fortresses.

My mom’s painting of glaciers in Alaska.

Ages go by and yet they have maintained their own. They are magnificent in their stature. This reminds me of the confidence we can maintain throughout life. Standing tall against anything, refusing to yield to the things wanting to break us down. And lastly icebergs. You generally only see 1/10 of the iceberg above water. We judge people and ourselves by these visible things. Yet there is so much more to each one of us then that visible part. The other 9/10 are hidden underwater. It just takes a little change in perspective to see what lies underneath.

Water… As I wrote in the first paragraph, water is one of my natural habitats. I have a strong desire to be in, on, and around water. Waves beating on the rocks, eroding them after years and years reminds me of my childhood, constantly asking (or pestering) my mom for things. The ocean can be affected by the storms around it. In the same way, the storms in life make me chaotic, turbulent, and volatile. Then I am reminded of the scriptures when Jesus calms the chaos of the sea. He does the same in my life. But the calm only comes when Jesus says “Quiet. Be still” Mark 4:39. Although water can be affected it is also free and flexible. A rock can’t stop a river from flowing. Like water, my nature adapts and finds a way around these obstacles.

Copy of P1010337
A view from Santa Cruz Island.

Steam… A vapor. It depends how technically you want to use this term. In one way steam is technically invisible. The way I feel sometimes in crowds (small and large). The way I want to feel sometimes. Steam is also the white mist that we see above hot water. Hot tempers. The water boiling. I lose the self that I want to be. The calm and tranquil me becomes vapor and disappears.

Indeed, three different forms, but all of them are me.


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