The Winter Season

On the 17th I came home for the Christmas holidays. This is my first time actually having to travel home for Christmas. Throughout college and graduate school I either lived at home or live so close to home that I was there almost every other day. Now that I am in graduate school on the East Coast that poses a bit of a challenge.

Coming home has been fantastic. Partially because I was excited to see my family but also because of the mountains, the oceans, and the sun. When you are born and raised in Los Angeles you forget that the rest of the world has seasons. My idea of seasons is: deathly hot, hot, and warm. Maybe there will be a two-week period sometime in January when wearing flip-flops will leave your toes slightly cold. A one month period where wearing a wet suit in the ocean will prevent the ever so slight chill that comes from the 58 degree water.

brit ocean

Maybe I’ll wear a t-shirt since a tank top is not enough to keep warm in the chilly winter air of Los Angeles. Yes, I am happy to be home. Especially since it has only been two weeks since I had to bike through a blizzard in New Jersey. I didn’t want to leave the house for the next two days after that event.

The words that people have said over the past few months echo in my ears. “It’s only going to get worse.” “You haven’t experienced cold yet. Just wait until January.” “This is supposed to be the worst winter.” Do I really have to go back?

As I was swimming in the ocean yesterday I kept thinking, “Some people have a white Christmas. All I dream about is a white cap Christmas. The extra chop in the ocean gives a bit of a challenge and helps prepare for the rough water races that occur in the summer.

As long as I am out here I am going to relish the sun and the outdoors. I will only wear shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops because once I get back I will live under the layers of all the clothing I own and am borrowing for warmth.



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