Hindsight – Procrastination

I found the daily posts prompt today on hindsight interesting. Looking back on past writing and seeing the difference or lack of development (in some cases) can be amusing. However, since I have only recently started blogging on the word press platform, I will take my first blog from blogger as the post to rewrite.

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post. 

My very first post can be found here. It was titled “Putting an End to Procrastination.”  After having read it for the first time since it was written I realize ho awful it really was. So here is a rewritten version which is not very similar to the original.


Putting an End to Procrastination 

Procrastination has been a small problem for me over the years. I say slight because although I procrastinate, I have never had adverse enough consequences to prohibit me from doing so. Sure I will end up the night before working hard until 3 in the morning trying to meet a deadline. I will suffer sleepless nights and stress, but I have always been able to get whatever it is done, albeit at the last-minute.

The list of things I avoid doing is long and only gets longer. Many of the more important things I procrastinate on has been studying (writing my thesis or other papers), practicing piano, and even writing a blog. It seems that I would rather be something other than what I need to be doing. But why? If I can figure out why I am so desperately trying to avoid what I need to be doing, then I can make an effort to solve the problem.

I realize that procrastination is more likely when I feel under pressure to HAVE to do something. It is as if I am a child who is trying to claim independence by refusing to do what I am supposed to do. Another part of it is that these tasks feel as if they are incredibly time-consuming (which they can be and definitely are when I procrastinate). Whatever the task is begins to seem ominous and hovers over me. I become overwhelmed, shut down, and would rather do anything else. Things that have happened in these states of procrastination include: painting my room green, learning to read Korean, and fixing our broken dryer.

I have also realized how harmful procrastination can be. It leaves me little time to actually put the time and effort into the things I care about. Every year I promise myself that I will procrastinate less and every year I continue to procrastinate. So earlier this year I drew a graph. I told myself that I didn’t have to spend a long time on these tasks I would generally want to avoid but a minimum of 10 minutes. It helped… for a while. But somehow I always tell myself that future Brittany will deal with it and present Brittany can just relax.

Maybe I haven’t come to the root of my procrastination problem. Perhaps I see it as a challenge; To see how long I can leave it and still get it accomplished. There is an alternative. I think my procrastination could be because I am not ready mentally to begin that task. Maybe I need that extra time.

Whatever the reason, it has always been a struggle for me to not procrastinate. The best way I have found is to chart the amount of time I spend per day on the required task with a minimum of 10-15 minutes. This gives me a small feeling of accomplishment but also doesn’t feel overburdening.

What do you do in an effort to minimize procrastination?


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