Small Joys

I cherish small joys. The other day I had some free time so I aimlessly walked through Palmer Square. Santa Claus was bending down to talk to children and take a picture. A small brass band was playing Christmas Carols. The deep notes of the Tuba caused me to giggle with glee. All around me the buildings are decorated with fir and wreaths. Thick velvet red ribbons lined with gold are gently wrapped around everything. Twinkling lights pop out against the green.

The olive oil store is the first one I walk into. I realized quickly you are allowed to sample all the oil you want. Jars of bread are lined up underneath each shelf of oil. For an amateur foodie this is overwhelming. Among my favorites were the white truffle olive oil and the Coconut Balsamic Vinegar. Who doesn’t love sampling the fancy things in life.

Next came the chocolate shop, which I immediately had to exit. The temptation was too great. An even greater temptation was the cheese shop. While browsing the selection I let a 5 year aged white cheddar melt in my mouth. These things are small but they do bring me happiness.

Cherish the small joys in your life.


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